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	Note: To ensure that duplicate applications and payments are not submitted for processing, 
	we encourage the pool owner, facility manager, and pool operator to communicate 
	with one another before submitting an application or payment. 
1.	Data can be entered into any field to initiate a search.
2.	Data should only be entered into ONE field at a time when performing a search.
3.	You do not need to enter the entire data field to perform a search.  
	By typing an * before the search criteria the system will return all records that contain the data you typed. 

	Example: To search for a facility address of 9001 Carmel Commons Blvd. you can type *Carmel into the 
	Facility Address field. All records that contain Carmel in the address will be returned. This tip 
	can be used with any search field.

4.	Once the result list is presented you can view a record by left clicking on the item with your mouse.
5.	The record will open in a new window.  Once open you can print the record and/or save a local copy.
6.	To initiate a new search simply enter your new search criteria in the appropriate field and click the Search button.  
	If matching records are found they will be displayed in a new results window.

If you experience technical issues or are not able to locate records please call (704) 336-5101 for assistance.